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Rosemount’s pressure and temperature instruments are quite familiar in the process industry



Rosemount’s pressure and temperature instruments are quite familiar in the process industry.
More than 10 million pressure measurement and transmitting devices in this range have been installed worldwide. 
Temperature transmitters, sensors, 
and thermowells represent a diversified catalog of dependable products with industry leading accuracy, versatility, and durability.

2.Rosemounmt 2088 Gage&Absolute Pressure 
  Rosemounmt 2088  Pressure Transmitters
  Rosemounmt 2088 with 1199 Diaphragm Seal . 
  Rosemounmt 2088  Pressure Transmitters  with  306 Inline Manifold.
3. Rosemounmt  2090P Pulp&Paper Transmitters
   Rosemounmt  2090P  Pressure 
   Rosemounmt  2090F   Hygienic  Transmitters.
   Rosemounmt  2090F  Pressure Transmitters.
4.Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitters .
     Rosemount 3051C Pressure Transmitters with  305 Integral Manifold. 
     Rosemount 3051C  Wireless Pressure Transmitters with 305 Integral Manifold. 
     Rosemount 3051T  Wireless Pressure Transmitters with 305 Integral Manifold. 
     Rosemount 3051CFC Conditioning Orifice Flowmeter.
     Rosemount 3051L Level Transmitter.
5.Rosemount 3051S  Pressure Transmitters .
     Rosemount 3051S  Wireless Pressure Transmitters with 306 In-Line Manifold. 
     Rosemount 3051S  Safety Certified Advanced Diagnostics Transmitter.
     Rosemount 3051S  Super Module Platform.
     Rosemount 3051SFA MultiVariable  Annubar Flowmeter.
     Rosemount 3051S  Electronic Remote Sensors System.
6.Rosemount 3095 MultiVariable Transmitter.
   3095FB  MultiVariable Transmitter.
   3095FC  MultiVariable Transmitter.
   Rosemount 4088   MultiVariable Transmitter.
   Rosemount 4088   MultiVariable Transmitter with 305 Integral Manifold. 
   Rosemount 148 Analog Temperature Transmitter .
   Rosemount 148  Temperature Transmitter .
   Rosemount 248  Temperature Transmitter.
   Rosemount 248  Housing. 
   Rosemount 248   Wireless HART   Temperature Transmitter.
   Rosemount 248   Mount Housing.
   Rosemount 248  Accessories.
7.Rosemount 644 Temperature Transmitter with  HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus or PROFIBUS.
   Rosemount 644  Transmitter Family.
   Rosemount 644  HART Transmitters .
   644  FOUNDATION Fieldbus  Transmitter.
   644 Profibus  PA Transmitter.
   644  HART Head mount Transmitter.
   648 Single- Point Wireless  Temperature Transmitter.
   Rosemount  3144P Temperature Transmitter.

With the Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitter, you’ll gain more control over your plant. You’ll be able to reduce product variation and complexity as well as your total cost of ownership by leveraging one device across a number of pressure, level and flow applications. You’ll have access to information you can use to diagnose, correct and even prevent issues. And with unparalleled reliability and experience, the Rosemount 3051 is the industry standard that will help you perform at higher levels of efficiency and safety so you can remain globally competitive.