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BRICs "There are Feng Yi instrument" Xiamen "five" and the world a total of "dance"

Xiamen is a house facing the sea, golden September, there are phoenix to instrument. September 3 - 5, five BRIC leaders here in the festivities, Xiamen, China and the "five" accompanied by more exciting.

"BRIC countries like five fingers, stretched out to have their own strengths, clutched up is a fist." The meeting in Xiamen, BRIC leaders five people together, but also reached five major achievements, that is, the formation of a more powerful development together, issued a more loud sound of gold, to build a more solid social foundation, build a broader partnership and The formation of a more powerful mechanism to build, set up a second "golden decade".
"Xiamen shelter Wuzhou off, the door of thousands of thousands of Tao". Castle Peak, blue sea, blue sky, safflower, egrets, composed of colorful beautiful coastal city. "The successful practice of this city in Xiamen reflects more than 1.3 billion people in the history of the struggle of the Chinese people." At the BRICS Business Forum, President Xi Jinping did not hesitate to praise the city, which he had worked 32 years ago, Xiamen today has developed into a high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship of the city, today's Xiamen is also a high-value of the ecological garden of the city, the city of Xiamen, "Love to fight will win" contains a kind of enterprising spirit.
Xiamen is not a "island", has achieved external connections, more Unicom people. Xiamen "city in the sea, the sea in the city", so that the guests around the world intoxicated, attracted. BRIC meeting held in Xiamen, but also to the People's Network reporter also noted that many of the characteristics of Xiamen and "five" closely related. Perhaps coincidentally, it can be said that the inevitable association.
Since ancient times, Xiamen has been connected with China's national transport, affected by the changing frequency of the world changes. Xiamen to her "grip five fingers into a fist" to take the road of sustainable development. The next five years, Xiamen's strategic core is the construction of innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing the "five development" model city, vigorously promote open development, build the overall strategic service fulcrum.
Xiamen 15 years ago set the "cross-island development" strategy, the island and the "five fingers" have close their own characteristics of the division of labor. In the urban development mix, it was the metaphor of Xiamen City as a fist. The fist of the palm of the island is the island of Xiamen, the thumb is known as the "Pearl of the sea" Gulangyu, four fingers were Jimei, Haicang, Tongan and Xiangan four districts. Gulangyu style infinite, not long ago the success of the inscription, a "historical international community", but also to Xiamen will go to the place. Haicang New Town, Maluan Bay Metro led the port industry, shipping logistics and bio-medicine, Jimei Metro expansion of education and scientific research, machinery manufacturing and software information, Tongan focus on the development of eco-tourism, cultural and leisure and light industry food, Xiangan Southern Metro main airport industry, high-end services and photoelectric information and other information industries.