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bently nevada for Country Specific Ordering


Country Specific Ordering


• Brazil, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Taiwan, and South Africa are now requiring that products meet their Country-Specific agency approvals when installing the equipment into a “Hazardous Area.” The one exception is the CEU countries associated with the “Russia” approvals where you need a general purpose approval.


• If the equipment is not going into a hazardous area, then you should choose 00 – “None or No Approvals. This gets you the CE mark and General Safety approvals.


• The Approvals Quick Reference Guide Country Specific Ordering Options document indicates which products have what approvals. 


 • If you are working with an end-user customer in Korea for example, you would need to order the “KR” Korea approval option which includes KTL, IECEx and ATEX approvals. In that example, KTL is the new Korea approval.


• If you are working with an OEM in Japan who will be sending the machine to Taiwan, you should be advising the OEM to order the “TW” Taiwan which includes TS, IECEx and ATEX approvals. The TS is the new Taiwan approval and the “TW” approval option is chosen because that is the final destination of the machine.


• In the case of the Multi-Approval option (-02, -05 etc. depending on the product), it is only valid for the few specific approvals listed (CSA, IECEx ATEX) and does not mean that it covers all of the country specific approvals .


• Typically the -01 option for CSA approvals, ONLY apply to United States and Canada and a most countries in Latin America.


• At this point in time, the TRS system does not check at the agency approval option to ensure the correct option is chosen. Rather the system only looks at the base part number and the country of the end user partner to see if there is a license for that country. You need to be vigilant in this area and check with the sales person and or customer to ensure they are ordering the correct agency approval option.

Select the right approval option




To choose correct country option, answer these two questions:

1. Will the equipment be installed in a “Hazardous Area” environment?


2. What country/region will the equipment be installed or used in (END USER, not OEM)?


Example for 3500 Systems and Spares



Yes – Haz Area

No – Not Haz Area

Americas (Except Brazil)



-01 or -02


European Union












Korea (South Korea Only)






South Africa






Other countries (including Middle East, Asia,



and other European countries)